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140cc Pit Bike – Should You Get One?

140cc Pit Bike

What is a Pit Bike

A pit bike, or mini dirt bike, is a lightweight two-wheeled motorcycle that is usually powered by an automatic four-stroke engine. Some models, however, are powered by a two-stroke engine. The bikes are designed mostly for children and adults to use in a pit bike competition (ride it in the pit at motocross events), hence the name “pit bike”.

Most pit bikes have a body that is made of aluminum and have an air-cooled engine. Some models also have electric start, disk brakes, and footpegs that are adjustable. Prices generally range from $1000 to $1500 for a new pit bike.

Pit bikes have become widely popular over the past few years and they can be found in all sorts of different places including supermarkets, department stores, speciality bike shops, hardware stores and even online. These bikes can be purchased by people of all ages and there’s a vast range for young children to choose from as well as adult sized machines.

They’re available in different colors and designs that are unique to each model but all of them are fitted with wide handlebars for greater control. These handlebars were originally designed with simplicity in mind but they are now commonly used because of their superior stability when compared to other types of handlebars.

Pit bikes are built with a range of different power trains that includes simple chain-driven models, standard oil-injected engines, and even V2 models. These bikes are ideally suited for kids that want a fast and exciting hobby because they can be used to perform wheelies, stoppies, endos, whips and many other stunts.

Basic Differences Between a Pit Bike and a Dirt Bike

The primary difference is that pit bikes are smaller and have less power. Pit bikes have less powerful engines with the average pit bike falling into the 50cc to 150cc range, whereas most full-sized adult dirt bikes don’t go below 150cc and can go as high as 600cc.

Additionally, dirt bikes can be ridden over rocks and jagged trails with lots of obstacles, but pit bikes are better suited for smoother terrain such as motocross trails.

Although they aren’t quite the same as a dirt bike, because of their price, pit bikes are actually a great option for kids who want to get into dirt biking.

140cc Pit Bike

The 140cc pit bike is one of the more powerful pit bikes. Most pit bikes don’t go over 150cc.

The 140cc pit bike is an inexpensive, fuel-efficient motorcycle with a light frame. The bike, with a manual transmission and an air cooled engine, has a horsepower rating of 13.3 bhp at 8500 rpm’s.

It’s also great for first time riders because of the low price. You can get a used one for $600 or $800 and still have money left over for fuel, helmet, jacket, gloves–whatever you need while riding at some cool tracks or off road in the forest.

The 140cc pit bike is light enough for the casual rider as well as racers to move around easily without pulling muscles or risking injury in the process. It may not be appropriate for taller riders because generally it is only 54 inches long and 32.8 inches high. Most have a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour. The 140cc pit bike weighs around 180 pounds without fuel in its tank and comes equipped with rear disc brakes and front disk brakes (both hydraulic) from the factory.

The 140cc pit bike does not have many features available for riders to modify, as it is designed to be a motorcycle that’s relatively inexpensive. The primary options are the air-cooled engine, the braking system, and the six speeds of the manual transmission. The bike has a fuel capacity of 4.9 gallons and a carburetor that is also air-cooled. Also, the 140cc pit bike has a compression ratio of 12:1 and an oil capacity of 4 quarts.

Additional Specifications

The body is made out of aluminum and has a double-cradle frame, as well as a swing arm suspension. The driving vibration is absorbed by the tail section of the motorcycle, which also helps reduce noise.

The seat can comfortably fit children and smaller adults. The seat places riders in a comfortable position to ride the bike for extended periods of time or to keep them upright while riding at speeds over bumps.

The 140cc pit bike comes equipped with a safety device called an engine kill switch that prevents the fuel in the gas tank from being ignited if the key is removed from the ignition position while riding and then re-inserted, or if it’s left in the engine position while driving for extended periods of time.

Best 140cc Pit Bikes

Tao Motor DBX1

The Tao Motor DBX1 bike has a 140cc engine, is designed for ages 12+ and has an automatic starter, a four-stroke engine, disk brakes, and adjustable footpegs. It’s lightweight yet durable making it ideal for the trails or competitions! Prices usually range from $1000 to $1500, which is easier on your wallet than purchasing other motorcycles in this class.

Demon DXR2 140 Pit Bike

The design is sleek and aerodynamic and┬áthe suspension on the Demon DRX2 140 is made for a comfortable and smooth ride. The Demon is a pit bike that’s designed for maximum comfort, speed and performance. This bike also goes for $1000 to $1500 USD (US dollars) new. Though it is a pit bike, it has a decent amount of power to it.

Best Things About a Pit Bike

Undoubtedly, one of the best things about a 140cc pit bike is the price. Pit bikes are going to be quite a bit cheaper than dirt bikes mainly due to the smaller size of their engines and frames. As I mentioned, it is a great option for kids because of the low price.

While they don’t have as much power as a regular dirt bike and will probably be a bit small for an average sized adult, adults can still ride them. They can be looked at as the BMX bikes of the dirt biking world and are great to perform tricks and stunts with.


Over the years, I have grown a passion for dirt biking and all the joys it brings. Now I want to share my knowledge with as many people as possible.

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