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60cc Dirt Bike – Pros and Cons

60cc Dirt Bike

60cc dirt bikes have upsides and downsides. On the upside, these bikes are smaller and easier to handle than their larger counterparts. They’re also more affordable, making them an ideal bike that parents can buy for their kids. On the downside, they have less power and less weight than a larger bike.

It is important to note that 60cc dirt bikes are perfect for children and do not have enough power or size to comfortably hold an adult.

If you’re looking for a dirt bike that’s going to challenge you and provide plenty of thrills, then this might not be the one for you. Your best bet is going to be a larger machine that you can cruise to the limit without worrying about breaking anything.

The advantage of having a smaller bike is that it doesn’t require as much maintenance. The downside is that it will generally be less powerful than its larger counterparts, making it more challenging for anyone to gain a lot of speed.

To help you decide if this type of bike is right for you or your child, we’re going to take a look at some of the pros and cons of owning one. That way, you’ll know whether or not this type of dirt bike is something you really want for use on the trails.


  • Smaller size and lighter weight means easier modifications.
  • Easy to start.
  • Affordable to buy and use.
  • Good for beginners
  • Good for kids


  • The smaller, less powerful motor makes them more challenging for full-grown riders.
  • They require regular maintenance, especially when compared to a larger bike. This is because the small motor has a smaller radiator, making it harder to keep the oil level up. Without proper lubrication, you run the risk of having your engine seize up due to metal particles clogging the works and reducing the power of your bike’s engine.
  • Not great for experienced riders
  • Not great for older teens or adults

Overall Thoughts

If you’re a parent or guardian with teenage kids, this type of bike is likely not going to be powerful enough to keep up with them on the trails. Adults can still use them, but they’ll need to keep their speed down and it will be a bit small.

The 60cc dirt bikes are not going to go as fast as other dirt bikes. The thrust on the engine is less powerful because of the size and weight of the bike. The 60cc dirt bikes are the right size for most of the kid-sized beginners. The weight of the engine is less and it is also affordable.

They are also lighter in weight so it is easier for kids to use them when they are on trails. The maintenance part is not that much since kids do not involve themselves in extreme activities with the bikes. They would want to learn how to balance first before they can go riding at high speeds and through rough terrain. A 60cc bike is perfect for children to learn on.

Is a 60cc Dirt Bike Right for Your Child?

As a beginner, it might be a good idea to start with a small bike if you’re just looking for something to ride around the trails. You don’t want to spend a lot of money just in case you decide that off-road riding isn’t your thing or your child is not a fan of it. But you also want something that’s going to provide enough power and stability so you or your child can actually enjoy the dirt bike ride.

This is where the 60cc dirt bikes come into play. They’re affordable and they’re easy to ride, making them perfect for someone trying out this type of riding for the first time or as a way for kids to get out on the trails without having to deal with anything too powerful or expensive.

The smaller dirt bikes can be modified for off-road use. This includes installing specialized tires that are better suited for this type of riding. However, safety is one of the most important factors when buying one of these machines. You can look for an engine size that is similar to your weight so that you will not get overwhelmed by the power while learning the basics like how to balance and change your speed. Comparing your child’s weight to engine size can be a good indicator of whether a 60cc dirt bike is right for you.

Buying a 60cc Dirt Bike

There are plenty of different options out there, so you’ll want to do your research before buying just to make sure you get one that has everything you need. Also, keep in mind that you can find used models for a much cheaper price if you’re willing to buy something used. When all is said and done, a 60cc dirt bike can provide hours of entertainment without breaking the bank.

On average a 60cc dirt bike works for kids between the ages of 6 and 10. While this is just a general guide (people outside that age range can still use it), it is helpful to gauge whether the 60cc dirt bike is one that you want to purchase.

Remember that dirt biking can be dangerous, so you will want to acquire all the appropriate dirt biking safety gear for your child.


Over the years, I have grown a passion for dirt biking and all the joys it brings. Now I want to share my knowledge with as many people as possible.

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