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Top 10 Best ATV Trails in the USA

Best ATV Trails In The USA

A good ATV getaway can always be a cleansing experience, but the same trails will eventually get old. Now and then, exploring new topography can be the right thing to do. Below are a few of the best ATV trails to try out in the USA. 

1. Elephant Hill, Utah

Utah, being a state with the perfect landscape for ATVing, has a large selection of riding trails for both veteran ATV’ers and first timers. The Elephant Hill trail falls in the more experienced category. Spectacular views of the red rock landscape can be achieved by navigating the daunting cliffs and slender ridges as ATV’ers make their way through the Needles district of Canyonlands National Park.

2. Little O Trail, Michigan

Going along with the Huron-Manistee River, this 41-mile trail loop in Lower Michigan is a great track to check out. Little O Trail features numerous bridge crossings, a forested landscape, and smooth berms. It gives any ATV fan a good excuse to explore the Great Lakes State.

3. Oregon Dunes, Oregon

One great thing about this one is that it’s got something for everyone, regardless of the rider’s experience. Beginners and experts can both find a suitable track. Oregon Dunes National Recreation region offers the biggest field of oceanside hills in the nation, and parts of them are available to ATVs. They provide a plethora of trails and open riding areas for off-road vehicles, so there are always different paths to take.

4. Kane Creek Trail, Utah

The Kane Creek Trail in the desert of Utah challenges seasoned ATV’ers with sharp inclines, windy roads, and multiple creek crossings. The trail covers just over 13 miles traversing from Kane Creek Road all the way to Highway 191. It is a great trail for Jeeps, UTVs and more, but not recommended for first timer riders.

5. Hatfield McCoy, West Virginia

The Hatfield McCoy trail system is one of the most-well known and biggest ORV areas. Located in West Virginia, over 700 miles of trails will keep visitors busy for days. On top of the trails, a few bed and breakfasts and other accommodations exist nearby, so it is easy to make the trip into a family getaway.

6. Lizard Head Pass, Colorado

If you want to admire some mountainous views while trekking along on your ORV, Lizard Head Pass is a great option. This is a newbie-friendly trail that’s not very technical. Sitting at just over 10,000 feet, this trail yields miles of immaculate Colorado views as you travel around the San Juan mountains.

7. Saint Joe State Park, Missouri

A distinctive feature of this state park is that it has a focus on off-road vehicle trails.The Saint Joe State Park in Missouri is positioned close to the Saint Francois Mountains. Due to their large selection of trails, they can cater to everyone, including new riders and highly skilled ones. Additionally, a large number of hiking trails, beaches, and campgrounds make it a top park for OHV’ers.

8. Soldier Pass, Arizona

What’s better than staring at the iconic red rocks of Sedona while navigating your way on an ATV? Exquisite rock formations engulf the terrain around Soldier Pass, which is a rather short ATV trail, but due to its difficulty, it will likely take at least an hour to finish. A big bonus of this trail is the breathtaking geological formations and trees in the surrounding region. Situated in Coconino National Forest, Soldier Pass presents a short, challenging trail that will reward you with a great view.

9. Upper Black Rock Canyon, California

With over 900 miles of picturesque trails across terrain in the Black Rock Desert, the Upper Black Rock Canyon has become a well liked destination for ATV enthusiasts. The trails run in unison with segments of the Applegate National Historic Trail, which was used by pioneers. The vast, undeveloped landscape also offers areas to freely ride around freely in OHVs.

10. Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

The Black Hills National Forest of South Dakota provides diverse activities to choose from. Among them is over 700 miles of ATV designated trails. Different trails suit riders of different level experiences. A mountainous, forestry terrain filled with wildlife and obstacles awaits ATV’ers in the Black Hills.

Enjoy the Best ATV Trails in the USA

Whether it’s a multi-day campout, one day excursion, or a journey all across the country, these ATV outings can be a wildly enjoyable experience. If you are a somewhat experienced ATV rider in the vicinity, be sure to try out at least one of these memorable “best ATV trails in the USA.” If you have never ridden one before, check out THIS article on tips for new ATV’ers and get going!

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