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TOP 8 Cool Dirt Bike Helmets 

Cool Dirt Bike Helmets

If there is a number one most important piece of safety equipment for a dirt biker, it would be a helmet. With a plethora of options available, it can be hard to know which helmets are good choices? Because of the extreme importance of a helmet, you want to be sure to find one that is perfect for you. 

Below is a list of helmets for anyone looking into purchasing some protective gear. To find the top cool dirt bike helmets available today, read on.

1. O’Neal 2Series

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With a durable and lightweight design, the O’Neal 2Series is a quality dirt bike helmet that weighs around three pounds. The O’Neal brand has established a reputation for quality, so the 2Series is always a good option. A few neat features include a removable padded liner, numerous ventilation slots, and an adaptable visor. It is however on the higher side in terms of pricing, as the O’Neal 2Series goes for around $100.

2. Vega Helmets VRX Advanced

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Vega Helmets’ VRX Advanced Helmet is a top notch $90 piece of equipment. This helmet has a sleek look and is composed of a polycarbonate shell, and built-in ventilation. Additionally, several color variations are offered. A noteworthy bonus is the five-year warranty that the VRX Advanced comes with, which is uncommon for a helmet of this price.

3. 1Storm Racing Style Helmet

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A helmet on the lower side of the price scale is the 1Storm Racing Style Helmet coming in at around $50. A unique feature that this helmet has is a glossy UV resistant finish. It also contains removable liners, built-in ventilation, and a variety of designs to pick from. With good protection and an affordable price, this is a helmet any beginner should consider.

4. ILM Adult Helmet

The ILM Adult Helmet is a DOT-approved, streamlined helmet that is accompanied by a removable visor and cushioning. At just $50, this is a safe alternative for anybody on a tight spending plan, or somebody who is simply beginning. To provide unrivaled ventilation, this helmet boasts vents in both the back and front of the helmet.

5. GDM DK-650

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If you want a dirt bike helmet that looks cool while also providing adequate head protection, you might want to look into the GDM DK-650. This particular helmet contains a built-in visor, giving the helmet a sleek, smooth, and aerodynamic look. A matte black shell, a removable sun bill, and a removable liner are additional perks. Sitting at about $100, this lightweight helmet is on the more expensive side, but worth the investment.

6. AHR Full Face Helmet

Perfect for dirt bikers, ATVers, and motocross riders, the DOT-approved AHR Full Face Helmet is also a solid option. They flaunt a sleek appearance with built in ventilation, a washable ear guard, and a wide variety of sizes. This is a more budget-friendly option so it might be better for beginners with a price of $60.

7. YEMA YM 9-15

At the price tag of $70, the Yema YM 9-15 won’t dent your bank account too much and it is a professional-grade option. The streamlined black design and integrated ventilation is top notch. Additional space is provided for goggles and a Bluetooth speaker. As well as those features, it comes with replaceable pads and liners.

8. Fox Racing V3

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The Fox Racing V3 helmet is not exactly budget friendly as the retail price slides in at a whopping $500. Despite the high price, this helmet is a very good option. It features a magnetic visor release system, mesh vent screens for superior ventilation, and is constructed from a blend of FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic) resins and carbon to create a light yet durable helmet. If your budget allows, it is a high quality investment.

Grab Some Cool Dirt Bike Helmets

Even though there are a lot of options out there, finding cool dirt bike helmets doesn’t have to be a burden. All 8 of the listed helmets are DOT-approved (click HERE to find out more about DOT-approved helmets) and for the most part, under $100. Any of these helmets would be a great choice for beginners or advanced dirt bikers in need of new gear.

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