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Dirt Bikes For Beginners – How to Choose Your First One

Dirt Bikes For Beginners

What dirt bikes are suitable for beginners and where do you find them? Choosing your first dirt bike is an exciting process, but there are a lot of decisions to make. It can be tempting to pick the fastest or the slickest bike, however, as a first-time dirt biker, a great looking 500cc may not be the best bet considering you probably don’t know how to ride yet. Maintaining control, avoiding injury, and overcoming the learning curve are the general goals for a novice biker. There are multiple factors to consider if you want a good starter dirt bike that will last.

Choosing Your First Dirt Bike Based on Your Size

This one might be quite obvious. Your size plays a vital role in what dirt bike you should purchase as it dictates the size and power of the bike. Some guidelines for proper dirt bike size are as follows:

  • Your feet need to be able to comfortably touch the ground. 
  • If you can touch the ground with flat feet, the bike is too small. 
  • If you can only touch the ground when you’re on your tiptoes, the bike is too big. 
  • Ideally, you want to be able to plant around half your foot on the ground firmly.

The power of the engine is also dependent on size. Something in the 50cc to the 100cc range would be appropriate for a child or a smaller rider. An average-sized adult will probably want to stay between about 150cc and 250cc. The amount of difficulty there is controlling the bike directly correlates to the power of the engine. A more powerful engine will be harder to control, so it is best to start out with a bike that has a less powerful engine and fits you comfortably.

Your Spending Plan

Your budget is of course also going to help decide what dirt bike to buy. There are some flamboyant models that may tempt you with their great look, but you should consider getting a beater bike for your first one. Do not put too much emphasis on the exterior of the bike because you should expect to be crashing it at least once. Buying used for your first bike is a great strategy to keep the expenses low. As long as the interior works fine, a used beater bike is perfect to learn how to control the bike and operate the clutch. Remember, you can always upgrade later. 

If you do end up buying new, try to find a lower priced bike. Most of the bikes in the $7,000 to $12,000 range look great and handle quite well, but it is best to save that for your second bike. For the first one, perhaps you might be able to find a friend that wants to get rid of their old bike. If not, either buy used or get a rather cheap new one.

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Your Level of Experience

Experience level should most definitely be another major consideration when thinking about the size and power of the bike. If you’ve ever driven off-road vehicles or motorcycles before, you will probably be more confident on a dirt bike and therefore be able to handle a more powerful engine, say in the 250cc to 450cc range. However, if this is your first time riding anything of the sort, attempt to stay around 150cc. You might even want to stay in the 100cc range if you are a smaller rider (under 5 feet tall / under 100 pounds).

Choose The Best Dirt Bikes for Beginners And Get Riding

It is an exciting and challenging process to master dirt biking, and it might take a while to get the hang of things. When choosing your first dirt bike, pick one that is easy to learn on and fits you well. The bike doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to run. Keep in mind that you will need to acquire some safety gear as well as a dirt bike.


Over the years, I have grown a passion for dirt biking and all the joys it brings. Now I want to share my knowledge with as many people as possible.

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