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Jeremy McGrath – Net Worth & Biography

Jeremy McGrath Net Worth

Jeremy McGrath is one of the most famous motocross riders in history. Beginning his career in 2001, Jeremy McGrath has accumulated a net worth of over 6 million dollars and is the first person to enter into the top 15 billionaire’s list for motocross riders. He has also won 33 AMA National Championship Titles, 13 AMA Supercross titles, and 13 Motocross World Championship Gold Medals. He raced against the world’s best motocross racers, including Jeff Emig, Carey Hart, Ryan Villopoto, and Kevin Windham. He won the X Games Gold Medal for Action Sports Athlete of the Year in 2006 and 2007.

Short Bio

Mcgrath was born on November 19, 1971 in San Fransisco, California but his family moved to Laguna Beach when he was an infant. He began racing dirt bikes at age 4. In 1994 he signed with Honda motorcycle company who agreed to sponsor him for most of his professional career. Because of their financial support and his high success rate as a racer, McGrath got quite wealthy from that Honda deal.

He also owns a motocross track that he opened in 2002 and has recently built a 40,000 square foot complex for his team called Jeremy Mcgrath Racing Center. In 2003 while competing with Honda, he coincidentally broke his leg at the same time Jeff Emig broke his arm during the race. Emig and Mcgrath both decided to compete in the event even though they were seriously injured. Mcgrath won the race despite how injured he was. This made him very popular among fans and motocross racers making him as one of the most recognizable riders in motocross history.

Jeremy McGrath Net Worth

Jeremy Mcgrath’s net worth is currently 6 million dollars. He won his first professional racing season in 2002 where he finished 5th in the AMA pro races = earnings of $30,533.

For 2003 he earned $100,000. In 2004 he earned $250,000 and in 2005 he earned $500,000. He was sponsored by Honda motorcycles for most of his career, however, Honda cut ties with him after 2005. He was then sponsored by Suzuki and other Japanese companies for racing equipment but made the majority of his income from team sponsorships which totaled over a billion dollars.

In 2003 he set a world record for the fastest time in qualifying at a motocross race and won his first supercross championship at that year’s season finale and also won the X Games Gold Medal for Motocross. He won his first 250cc AMA Championship in 2004 by winning 6 out of 7 races to make him the youngest U.S. champion in history at just 21 years old.

In 2005 he was sidelined due to injury where he wasn’t able to compete all season, but still managed to finish third at the last race before going into surgery on his shoulder which prevented him from competing again that year.

In 2006, he won his first 250cc AMA Supercross Championship with 7 wins to make him the youngest U.S. champion in history at just 23 years old.

In 2007 he won his second supercross championship which made him the 4th youngest AMA champion by winning a total of 11 out of 12 races that year.

For 2008, he was again sidelined due to an injury and was unable to compete for part of the year, but still managed to win two supercross championships for that year.

Jeremy McGrath

Jeremy McGrath is considered the most successful rider in history with 33 AMA National Championship Titles and 13 AMA Supercross Titles and has won many awards including the X Games Gold Medal for Motocross Athlete of the Year in 2006 and 2007.

McGrath is also one of the most popular racers in motocross history earning him over a billion dollars for his services and still being very influential today. His accomplishments make him a top rider in motocross history.


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