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The Top 8 Best Dirt Bike Boots

Best Dirt Bike Boots

Riding boots are a vital part of a dirt bikers safety wardrobe. Most riders have a tendency to extend their leg out on turns to combat falling over. While this tactic increases stability, it can also end in excruciating foot and leg injuries. Because they offer essential reinforcement to the foot, leg, and ankle during riding, the best dirt bike boots will effectively prevent injuries. 

Since every serious rider needs a decent pair of boots due to the protection they provide, it would be wise to invest in some. Whether it’s for motocross or just casual riding, if you happen to be looking for a new pair of boots and aren’t sure where to begin, look
no further because you’re in the right place.

best dirt bike boots1. O’Neal Rider Boot

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Starting off the list of best dirt bike boots is the O’Neal Rider Boot, which is a fully adjustable, heavy duty dirt bike boot that carries a reputation for quality. It’s features include metal toe guards, metal shank inserts, injection molded plastic plates, and extra heel support. With all of that, these boots rank high on the scales of both comfort and safety. They are also a budget-friendly boot as the price tag is usually just over $100. 

2. Alpinestars Tech 3

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This next boot offers an array of different colors to choose from, creating a unique and comfortable boot that is fashionable and looks great. Another bonus of the Alpinestars’ Tech 3 boots is that they are made up of a durable construction and yet are quite lightweight. It is a waterproof design that contains a synthetic toe box. The cost of these ones is a bit under $200, so while they are not the cheapest, they are still in a beginner’s price range. However, the Tech 3 isn’t a newbie’s boot, as it has multiple features that are commonly seen at much higher prices.

3. Fly Racing 2019 Maverick Boots

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This 2019 Fly Racing model is basically a redesigned and upgraded version of the earlier Maverick boots. Some aspects that are worth mentioning include protective plastic panels, detailed grooves to help counteract excessive amounts of wear on the exterior of the boot, and added padding. As far as boots go, they are relatively cheap sitting at $130.

4. Forma Adventure Off-Road Boots

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Forma’s Adventure Off-Road Boots feature a rugged design and sufficient protection. These are the boots for you if you really want a pair that says “adventure.” Reinforced ankles, antibacterial memory foam inserts, and anti-slip soles make this model a great choice. Forma’s Adventure Off-Road Boots are a bit more pricey in the $220 to $280 range, but they are a durable high-quality boot.

5. AlpineStars Tech T Boots

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Because of the quality and good price of the AlpineStars brand, a second option from them makes the list. The amount of support and protection they offer is impressive. Additionally, the Tech T holds a leather shift pad, reinforced ankles, and injection molded rear plates as well as a good amount of other nifty features. Since they are higher on the price scale at $350, these boots are not quite as beginner friendly, but they are undoubtedly a fantastic option for a second or third pair of boots. If you have the budget and want some higher level boots, a beginner can definitely buy the AlpineStars Tech T boots as well.

6. AR-1 2019 Race Boots

Coming in around the $100 mark, the AR-1 2019 Race Boots are a beginner-friendly option that you should consider. Adjustable and replaceable plastic buckles and injection molded shin guard plates, along with a lightweight frame, makes it a worthy shoe. These dependable boots would make a great addition to any dirt biker’s gear.

7. Fusport Dirt Pilot

The Fusport Dirt Pilot boot has some decent safety features. Injection-molded protective plastic plates and a rubber sole keeps this boot guarded. Additional highlights of the Fusport Dirt Pilot include uncomplicated locks, an air mesh interior, and tough reinforced soles. Additionally, at the very affordable price of $90 these boots will do the job without denting your bank account too much.

8. Fox Racing Instinct Boots

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These particular boots are super nice and a jump up from everything else, however, they are probably not the best choice for beginners because the cost is well above any other boots on this list as it lands in the $400 to $460 range. If you are a more advanced rider, want some top tier boots, and have a large budget, the Fox Racing Instinct Boots are the ones for you. These are the ones that would probably be the closest to claiming the title “best dirt bike boots.”

Boots are a Worthwhile Investment

A friendly reminder is that while all these boots are great for dirt biking, you probably won’t want to walk around in them. Walking comfortability is not what they were designed around. They are developed with the intent of safety and durability. Any one of the boots from this list are a solid option for dirt bikers of all levels. Riding boots can save your feet and legs from injuries and abrasions, so it is a great idea to snatch a pair.

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