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Youth Side by Side UTV – Buyer’s Guide

Youth Side By Side UTV

By getting comfortable with a UTV at a young age, kids can become very good at it and will have a superior hand over those who didn’t start young. As the years pass, the functions of the vehicle will be easily controlled by the child without even thinking about it. In case you’re thinking about doing what needs to be done and purchasing your youngster a UTV, there are a couple of factors you should review. 

Basics of Buying a Youth Side-by-Side UTV

Generally, the engine power of a youth ATV falls between 150cc and 250cc. This is a good range for smaller riders, as they are not capable of extremely high speeds, so parents won’t worry about that aspect. For a first UTV, you might need to decide on either a pre-owned one or one that agrees with your financial budget. Chances are, this first UTV will need some maintenance now and again and it’s better to spend a lower amount of money on the underlying venture of the vehicle and fully expect there to be costs for repairs it will need later on. A good expected spending range for a first youth UTV, is probably in the $3,000 to $5,000 range.

One thing to keep in mind is that the UTV is not the only expense. Safety gear is an essential purchase for anyone doing off-roading. A full-face helmet, goggles, a riding jacket, riding pants, boots, and gloves are items that your child should wear during every single ride. Incidents can occur anytime – even on short, easy rides, so as always, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Help your child to understand the value of safety gear and to build a habit of always donning the appropriate attire.

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UTVs to Compare

Regardless of whether your budget is big or small and if you are looking to buy new or used, there are three UTVs to consider. Obviously, you can obtain whichever brand or model you want, but these few are good quality UTVs that have been tried and tested. Their price, dependability, fixability, and good feedback from customers put them on this list.

Polaris 170

This youth two-seater UTV is a high-quality vehicle that will likely not disappoint. One great feature includes a parent-adjustable speed limiter. In other words, any adult can put a max speed on their child’s Polaris and incrementally increase it as the kid gets better at driving. The Polaris 170 boasts a 169cc engine with a top speed of 29 mph, and slides in at around $5,000. Another perk is that a pair of helmets come included with the purchase of the Polaris 170, so it cuts down the cost of safety equipment. Additionally, there is extra storage area in the back. While this model falls on the higher end of the price range, Polaris is a very reputable brand, so it is well worth the expense.

BMS Motor Avenger

BMS has a one year warranty on all their merchandise, so getting this UTV is a great way to cover any unforeseen expenses that come from product malfunctioning. The Motor Avenger comes fully equipped with a windshield, a sun screen canopy, roof lights, and a 150cc engine. Coming in at $3300, this UTV with netted doors is a credible vehicle.    

Pitster Pro Lil Mojave 150

Priced at $3800, the Pitster Pro Lil Mojave 150 contains a four-stroke 150cc engine. This UTV comes with a half-windshield and is a two-seater. Hydraulic disk brakes and cup holders are added comfort features. Strong front-arm suspension and built-in nerf bars are other perks. 

Get a Youth Side-by-Side UTV

As you may have guessed, most kids love the sport of UTVing. Perhaps you are considering buying your child a youth UTV. If so, be sure to do a bit of exploration in the off-road vehicle scene and acquire the vehicle that fits them best. Don’t forget to find the appropriate safety gear before your kid starts riding along the best ATV trails in the USA. There is a good chance that with a purchase of a UTV, you are starting them on a lifelong hobby that they will treasure.


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